EventThu, 15/10/2015

Conference: Food for Thought - Enriching Teaching

This year, Milan's Universal Exposition will stimulate debates on critical issues, which is also one of the main objectives of RESEO. Drawing on the theme of Expo Milan, our Autumn Conference will also be looking at food, but food for thought: that which enriches the intellect and heightens creativity, inspires learning and promotes the cross-fertilisation of ideas.The education departments of European opera houses have been...

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Winner of RESEO Best Opera for Young Audiences Award 2015

RESEO and Jeunesses Musicales International are thrilled to announce the winner of the Best Opera for Young Audiences Award in the context of the Young Audiences Music Awards (YAMA) 2015: Comfort YeUmculoAbout the work:Comfort Ye is an opera performance based on autobiographical texts and songs by young South African singers. A dark story full of ambiguities, the opera follows the lives of its protagonists through an eventful 24 hours....

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ProjectFri, 28/08/2015

Publication in French: European overview of the use of digital media for opera, music and dance education

This publication will be translated into English for the RESEO Spring Conference in Glyndebourne, 3-5 March 2016.Comment le spectacle vivant, un art défini par la coprésence entre un artiste et un public, peut-il s’adapter à une consommation culturelle qui passe principalement par le support d’un écran ? Comment peut-il encore toucher des spectateurs dont l’attention est rivée au quotidien sur des écrans lorsque la première...

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European Symposium Culture and Education Aix-en-Provence 2015

 The European Symposium Culture and Education is organised by the education and socio-artistic departments of the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, in collaboration with RESEO - European Network for Opera and Dance Education - and AFO - Association Française des Orchestres. It offers teachers, students, artists and practitioners in formal and non-formal education settings a unique space to exchange ideas and...

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The Nureyev Foundation Medical Website & Dance UK partner with RESEO to offer free trainings

The Nureyev Foundation Medical Website and Dance UK partner with RESEO to offer trainings for member organisations in 2015 and generously extended its offer to RESEO members throughout 2016 !For more information see attached document. More information on partners: Nureyev Foundation Medical Website: Dance UK: This programme is offered thanks to the...

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EventMon, 14/09/2015

RESEO Award "Opera for Young Audience" 2015

RESEO, the European Network for Opera and Dance Education, is proud to announce the second edition of its "Opera for Young Audiences" Award. Promoting collaboration and cross-arts diversity, RESEO has joined Jeunesses Musicales International's YAMA Awards initiative.The RESEO prize, aiming at promoting creation in the field of opera for young audiences, seeks to give the floor to this innovative genre,...

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Professional meeting: Participatory projects

RESEO and Opéra de Rouen Normandie are thrilled to invite you to a Symposium in Rouen (FR) on January, 14 and 15, free of charge. Those two study days will be dedicated to participatory work with inventors and practitioners (stage director, composer, singers...) discussing their own experiences, as well as practical workshops and performances.The full programme and registration form will soon be available.Thursday, January 14, 2016Symposium...

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EventThu, 03/03/2016

Conference: Digital projects (working title)

Glyndebourne Festival and RESEO invite you to RESEO Spring Conference 2016 on the use of digital media in education and outreach projects. The programme of this conference will be established based on RESEO's publication European Overview of the use of digitial media in opera, music and dance education. This publication, written in French, will be translated into English for the Spring Conference. You can read this publication in...

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Conference: Food for Thought - Enriching Teaching 15/10/2015 to 17/10/2015
Professional meeting: Participatory projects 14/01/2016 to 15/01/2016
Conference: Digital projects (working title) 03/03/2016 to 05/03/2016
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